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Hi, I'm Brad Barlow. Before I picked up the camera, I wore headphones and sat in front of a microphone. I was a morning radio DJ at Z103 for 20 years. When photography became my number one creative passion, I decided it would also be my new career. I started B2X Photo in February of 2013. 

I’m an Idaho Falls High School grad. I acted in a lot of plays (and a couple musicals) in junior high and high school. I worked on the yearbook staff in those years, too. I'd describe my writing as over-dramatic and bad. Now I look back and wish I'd been a photographer.   

My wife Amy and I have four kids (girl, boy, girl, boy), two cats and a white picket fence. I hope I have the right priorities as a parent. I want super-open communication with my kids. I want them to be kind and trustworthy.

Amy is from Pocatello. She has the best laugh ever. Our parents are still in town and are a big part of our lives. Our favorite getaway is to concerts and delicious food in Salt Lake City. A few of our favorite bands are 311, Bleachers, Weezer, Blue October, Walk The Moon and Thirty Seconds To Mars.

I don't play a single instrument and I was the wimpiest kid on my 8th grade Grid Kid football team. I'm a much better fan and supporter. I was a basketball and volleyball team manager in junior high. I was the soundguy for the band at church. That's how I see my music and sports photography... as a supporting role. Like a screaming audience, I want my photos to help musicians and athletes feel legit and inspire them to keep going for it.

I am an annual contributor to the Idaho Falls, Bonneville,  Skyline and Hillcrest High School yearbooks. I'm a regular contributor to and have been featured in Idaho Falls Magazine, Post Register, Discover Idaho Falls, USA Today Online Edition and

By the way, B2X is pronounced "bee two ex" and is inspired by my embarrassingly self-appointed nickname "B-twice." As in B-rad B-arlow. Right? Right? Are you still reading this?

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