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Hi, I'm Brad Barlow. Most people think my last name is “and Tara”. I’ve hosted the morning radio show on Z103 for over 15 years. I started B2X Photo in February of 2013. Photography has become my number one creative passion, and soon it will be my full time career. It was a tough decision, but this June will be my final days at the radio station.

I’m an Idaho Falls High School grad. I acted in a lot of plays (and a couple musicals) in junior high and high school.  I worked on the yearbook staff in those years, too. I'd describe my writing as over-dramatic and bad. Now I look back and wish I'd been a photographer.   

My wife Amy and I have four kids (girl, boy, girl, boy), two cats and a white picket fence. I hope I have the right priorities as a parent. I want super-open communication with my kids. I want them to be kind and trustworthy.

Amy is from Pocatello. Our parents are still in town and are a big part of our lives.

I don't play a single instrument and I was the wimpiest kid on my 8th grade Grid Kid football team. I'm a much better fan and supporter. I was a basketball and volleyball team manager in junior high. I was the soundguy for the band at church. That's how I see my music and sports photography... as a supporting role. Like a screaming audience, I want my photos to help musicians and athletes feel legit and inspire them to keep going for it.

I am an annual contributor to the Idaho Falls, Bonneville,  Skyline and Hillcrest High School yearbooks, and a regular contributor to

I call myself a music & sports photographer. But not just music and sports. I document passionate artists, actors, builders, designers, gamers, helpers, educators. I want to photograph people who love to work. Read about my Bold & True style and photoshoot package on the pricing page.

By the way, B2X is pronounced "bee two ex" and is inspired by my embarrassingly self-appointed nickname "B-twice." As in B-rad B-arlow. Right? Right? Are you still reading this?

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