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"Gritty... unique... edgy... There isn't anyone in our area that captures images the way Brad can." - Halle Hess (Voltage Aquatics, Idaho Falls)

"The metal prints are gorgeous. Brad is so talented and a class act." - Heather Thompson (Idaho Falls Tigers)

"The. Best. Simply. The. Best.” - Lara Hill (Idaho Falls)

"Photography is an art and Brad is truly an artist." - Ron Barnes (Idaho Falls)

"I expected nothing but the best and he delivered. I can't give him enough compliments" - Lisa Snarr (Skyline Grizzlies football and band)

"Brad Barlow is energetic, charismatic and is not willing to settle for mediocrity." - Jayce Howell (Idaho Falls)

"...I would also add he is just an awesome person to have in our community." - Doug Swanson (Teton Toyota)

"I always get excited when he's at my kids sports! I'm amazed at what he does." - Holly Molino (Idaho Falls)

"After nearly 20 sessions, we're never disappointed and often amazed!" Michael Hays (Personal Best Performance)

"You are a blessing to us and everyone you meet." - Carol Deane (Idaho Falls)

"I was skeptical about professional pictures, but I knew Brad has a stellar reputation. Pictures turned out fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for." - Joe Carey (Skyline High School)

"Scrolling through his photos is like turning the pages of an art book." - Frank Egbert (Idaho Falls)

"All the pictures were great. My husband says we'll be getting ahold of you for football." - Brandy Lenz (Idaho Falls)

"I'm always excited to see Brad Barlow on the sidelines. A gifted photographer at capturing memorable photos of both the celebrations and heartbreaks." - Margaret Wimborne (Idaho Falls School Dist 91)

"Brad knows what he's doing and his photos prove it." - Kim Hawkes (Paces For Payton Fun Run)

"Without a doubt, the best sports photographer around." - Caroline Faure (Idaho State University Sport Science)

"Brad doesn't just take pictures for the paycheck. He has a genuine care for people. His example has impacted my life." - Luke Schweinsberg (Hillcrest Knights)

"Absolute perfection! Thrilled to have Brad shoot pictures of my son and his football team. An insanely talented photographer." - Mie Anderson (Idaho Falls)

"A true artist. You can hear the crowd, feel the excitement, feel your heart pounding. All by looking at an  image." - TK Pettinger (Blackfoot)

"My son appreciated that the 'real him' was captured. Brad worked magic." - Bonnie Horsburgh (Idaho Falls)

"I am so very impressed by Brad and his talent. This man is a great professional and a very nice guy." - Javier Gonzales (Idaho Falls)

"This is the 2nd year Brad has photographed football for us. Way worth the price." - Gina Swager (Idaho Falls)

"He was so nice and easy to work with" - Amy Brizzee (Pocatello)

"By far the best sports photographer in Idaho Falls." - Mike Belnap

"Brad is talented, professional and funny. He made my boys very comfortable during their shoot which resulted in fantastic photos." - Tammy Franco (Idaho Falls)

"We've had Brad shoot live music performances and capture people in the moment. The photos always have a lot of impact." - Liza McGeachin (The Celt)

"You rule! Every single photo is awesome." - Viktor Wilt (Reverbnation/drseussisdead)

"B2X Photo takes some sweet pictures" - @jrappscoots

"He knew exactly what I needed, even when I wasn't sure." - Trent VanderSloot

"Brad's fun, energetic and has great work." - Davin Napier (Idaho Mountain Trading)

"a great human who cares about people. Amazing photos and photographer." - Ryan Hansen (Idaho Falls Tiger Times)

"Wow those concert photos are amazing!!!! Thanks again so much!" - Sloan Sperl, (Happy Havoc)

Brad Barlow

Bold & True photographer in Idaho Falls, ID. High School Seniors. Music. Sports. Headshots. Local Listings Photos.

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Photographers Idaho Falls, ID. High school seniors, Music, Sports, Headshots, Local listings photos.
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