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Hi. I'm Brad Barlow. I'm a music and sports photographer in Idaho Falls, ID.

B2X Photo. Live concerts and studio sessions. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer.

Are you in a band that needs promo shots or photos for album artwork or merch production? Think about it. It's just a matter of time before you're signing autographs. You're gonna need some glossies.

Are you a parent of a student athlete? My sports photos are a cool gift and big inspiration to the kids. Specific example: a 12 year old kid was Googling his football team and came across a picture of himself that I took. His response: "holy crap, I look awesome! I look like a real football player."

I'm usually not one to fight. But I have to politely argue that my rock-n-roll style doesn't just suit concerts, entertainment, sports, party and dance photos. Spelling bee champions are rockstars too, amiright? High school seniors, pee-wee athletes, business owners and entrepreneurs. Take a look around my website and call me when you're looking for a music/concert or sports photographer in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Rexburg, etc.

I didn't pay any of these people to say rad things:

"All the pictures were great. My husband says we'll be getting ahold of you for football." - Brandy Lenz (Idaho Falls)

"This guy's got skills!" - Doug Hulett (Idaho Falls)

"Action shots that have zero blur and incredible detail. Anyone looking for great photographer: use B2X Photo." - PJ Holm (Idaho Falls Parks & Rec)

"Killer shots. You've got talent" - DownBeat Sylo 

"I definitely plan to hire him again and again. He's covered a few corporate events for me with excellent success in taking difficult shots." - Tony Lima (Melaleuca)

"Thank you for taking such awesome photos." - @CaryLaine

"These photos, this Idaho Falls photographer... good. Crazy good." - Eric Wenstrom (Teton Chamber Orchestra)

"We didn't want the traditional cheesy family portrait, we wanted something that rocked. Brad captured the casual, fun spirit of our family. We look like rock stars!"  - Mike and Monica Nelson (Idaho Falls)

"You rule! Every single photo is awesome." - Viktor Wilt (Reverbnation/drseussisdead)

"It's truly one of my favorite pictures. Makes me a little teary, lol." - Jeness Weninger (Idaho Falls)

"B2X Photo takes some sweet pictures" - @jrappscoots

"Who knew there was such a great photographer in Idaho Falls? Brad was excellent at making it comfortable. Seriously good stuff that definitely enhances my professional image. He knew exactly what I needed, even when I wasn't sure." - Trent VanderSloot (Seneschal Properties LLC)

"My entire life I've hated photos of myself. These are beautiful. Brad Barlow is the best photographer in Idaho Falls." - Judy Velasco (Idaho Falls)

"An eye for capturing life in it's most beautiful and candid moments." - Ryan Hansen (Idaho Falls Tiger Times)

"These are sooo awesome! I am way excited!" - Sarah Clark (Idaho Falls)

"Wow those concert photos are amazing!!!! Thanks again so much!" - Sloan Sperl, (Happy Havoc)

"Brad is one of the best photographers I have ever seen, keep up the good work I have really enjoyed working with you!!!" - David Long (Blackfoot MX Park)

"Brad took the time to create a comfortable environment while photographing the awesome chaos and love our family shares. Priceless." - Melissa Hollister (Boise)

"Amazing pictures. Highly recommend!!!" - Natalie Bernabee (Idaho Falls)

"A top gun Idaho Falls photographer for headshots, concert photography and candid pictures. We're thrilled to have him on our music promotions team." - Brian Morris (Reverbnation/brianmorris)

"One of the best photographers in Idaho Falls. Just look how good he made me look :)" - Jade Davis (Liberty Lush)


Brad Barlow

    Music and sports photographer in Idaho Falls, ID.

    Photos by Brad Barlow - Photographers in Idaho Falls, ID
    Music and sports photographers in Idaho Falls, ID
    Idaho Falls, ID
    United States

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